Declaration the national science and technology award in 2018

Date: 2018-02-05
Author: 张珂豪
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According to the national science [2017] 44 documentation requirements, CMIG drawin shall publicize the national science technology prizes and content mainly includes the project name, project introduction, nominated opinion, objective evaluation, the main persons involved, etc. if have any intellectual property rights dispute or fraud in project and sort controversial issues by unit or individual person. It shall not be declared. The official period is 2018/1/8 to 2018 1/14. During the period of public notice, the person who has any objection about project, individual person or unit, Please advised in writing and provide the necessary evidence be used for verification. Individual person must signature on the objection paper and provide an effective contact who raises an objection. Any objection which is anonymous, imposter and beyond the time limit will not be accepted, contents follows as:

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